10 must have tools to scavenge on civilization ruins.


Imagine what you can scavenge in places other are not able to reach without 10 simple tools.

In crisis situation this is essential to be prepared to increase your chances to reach more areas than unprepared ones.
town ruins scavenge toolsTools on drawing are cheap.

This is easy to buy axe, fire axe, pry bar and hammer.

Nowadays these 4 tools can be combined in combo tools. This is advantage to have one multiple usage tool as this is lighter to carry. This is good for escape scenario.

But when this tool is lost or broken you immediately  lose 4 tools.

For longer stay at city or when you are stacked in sieged city this is better to have some redundancy by having 4 separate tools.

Glows for hand protection is minimal level of personal protection. Some more you can find here.

This is good to have also some rope and or hooked ladder to reach or escape height exposure or depth areas.

Lightweight anchor helps to reach objects.

There will be also a lot of steel rods and other metal wires in ruined buildings. So bolt croppers and  pliers can help to clear the way and allow you more efficient scavenge.

This is good to have signal set to make marks for you and or your team at least to mark scavenged areas.

By using these simple powerless tools you can reach more places blocked by rubble. Some places are too high or in deep holes. This is good to have some advantage to make a way.

I believe these tools can be also helpful in normal life so this is good to have them even before SHTF. Any other tools ?

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