Rat as SHFT food, start rat farm.

Rat farm is solution for SHFT short food supply
rat sa shft food

Nowadays eating rats is a taboo. But in many countries rats are main and easy source of proteins.

Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam, France, West Virginia and Valencia are places where rats can be easy found as food.

Why rats are so good to considerate to be a food source?

First rats can eat almost anything. So can be fatten with parts uneatable for human.

Rats are very resistant to biological and radiation thread.

Quite resistant to ambient condition. The only places in planet rats are no present are desserts and Antarctica.

Can be kept in small spaces so it is easy to hide your food supply.

Average weight of adult rat in wild is about 10 oz, but when kept in far can reach 30 oz!

Reproduction cycle is very short and population growing factor is impressive.

All mentioned above makes rats breeding  forth to considerate.

Be aware of wild live rats. Wild rats can carry a lot of pathogens. These pathogens can promote in human population s well as rat farm so make sure to isolate you and farm from wild rats.