Urban SHTF signal set

Urban SHTF signal set

There is a big crisis of public services including information exchange in all SHTF situation. Set proposed below, allows you to keep some information exchange abilities.
urban shtf signal set

This is not global system but in crisis situation any information can be helpful.

Depend of nature of cataclysm most important is to attract rescue groups. So chemical lights and infrared markers are good and easy choice. Big HELP sprayed on building roof or parking place can be also helpful. Duct tape can do the same.

This is good to stick a sheet of paper on destroyed building which used to be your permanent stay place. Put your name, date, reason of displacement, number of persons their condition and direction of movement. So permanent marker and field notepad is perfect.

Use duct tape and or double-sided tape to stick them to surface.

Drawing chalk is perfect for markings on rough and absorbent surfaces.

Try to know some marks recognized by most peoples in the world to share information or be able to read them for your benefit here.

These are low tech items but in SHTF situation less technology is more.

After you gave signals to rescuers try to find some resources. Read what tools are most effective in city scavenge here.

Any other ideas of affordable and handy signal devices?

What to scavenge from car after SHTF.

Some not that obvious ideas what to scavenge from car after SHTF.

Car is not just a junk after is wrecked after disaster. It is full with valuable resources you can reuse.
what to scavange from car after shtf

Part list

CAR TRUNK – is a treasure chest. Try to check as many trunks as possible. You can find tools, food, clothes and all people forgot to take away.
CAR GLOVE BOX – the same as trunk.
SEATS – source of strong fabric. Used to make clothes, bags, ropes and strings. Foam may be used for insulation and good fire starter. Frame and springs for construction
MIRRORS – for signalization, to make tactical mirror, periscope, smaller glass pieces as knife or fish bite – best after SFTF item
SEAT BELTS – very strong ropes, bags, plaits
HEAD LAMPS – usually equipped with lens and spherical mirror as fire makers. Smaller glass as cutting edges
WIRES – cupper and other metals source. Allow you to build other electrical equipment
BULBS – 12V alternative light source
BATTERY – energy source but also acid and lead
ALTERNATOR – allow you to produce energy to power ie bulbs. Utilize as electric engine.
TURBINE – as a fan, as a source of hard plastic, as wind  or water turbine
WINDSHIELD – green house walls. Sun drier, sun heater.
LID – big piece of steel. Construction, sleds
TIRES – burning fuel, smoke makers, construction – fill with soil. Wheels for carts
FUEL – this is obvious. Try to find oil too.

Please share if you have more ideas of cart parts which can be used in survival situation after SHTF and describe nature of usages.

This may by much easier to scavenge abandoned cars with tools described here.